Hello world!


I’m a fifteen years old girl from Budapest. I’ve a little too difficult life (for myself), I think. I’m not going to write, what I’ve done… I write what I do from today.

But a little about my life now.

So, I’m a student in a High School. I think it’s a bir hard for me, ’cause I’m in the age, when the chlidren go out, and have fun, instead of learning. But now, I want to start a new life, a better…

I’ve some friends. I’m going to tell about them, but now only about fey people… So first, my ”best friend”…Her name is gonig to be there Summer. So Summer and I were allways together… We were like two sisters… At least, I thought like that… But she had a boyfriend at spring-sommer for a mounth, and she don’t presented him for me… I can’t understand why, until today. Than they break up. The boys name will be… Eathen. Eathen and Summer are doing the same sport, floorball, and they are in the same team… So they met on every training. From September, when the school started, I went to play floorball too. And there I met Eathen, and … I was suprised, ’cause Summer is beatiful, but Eathen… maybe a bit funny, but not too handsome. In the trainings, I met somebody too. I fell him at first… His name will be Ryan. Ryan is the best player at the team… And he is so cute.. But Summer told, she likes him. So, I don’t said, I too, ’cause I wanted allways the best for she. So, with the time, I fit to the team. Ones I was borned, and I threw a post to my wall: ”Who want to go somewhere?” — Eathen was the first who comment back. So, I wasn’t know, what I have to do… But I said yes. I phone Summer to come, and she said immediately yes! So, I knowed, she is still love to him.. And than I thinked, I don’t go met them. But I was so borned, I can’t stayed at home. So, we 3 met. And that was a very ahm… strange ”day” . Cause we don’t slept anywhere, we were in the town the all night. I’m not going to tell what have we did… They were very funny and some things we don’t shouldn’t do… But the most important, Summer and Eathen was together again! And Summer was so happy. But after one or two week, Summer fell out of him. And ones we went to a Steve Aoki concert… And she cheated Eathen on. I was thinking, everything is okay for me, what she do… I don’t said anything to that. That happened in December. In the same time, when I hooked with Ryan! But I broke up with him in 3 days. Because I noticed, he is a good boy, and he deserves much better than me… But he fell love with me too :/ . So, I and Summer broke up at the same time… Close Christmas. I actually in the Xmass morning x d . And than came the Silvester… I wanted to go with Summer to my friends party… But we don’t get there. Why? It’s a long story.. But Eathen was whit us, my bigbrother get so drunk, that we can’t go anywhere (than everybody, only Eathen doesn’t) . So we stayed, and we did big crazy things 😀 . But than… I wasn’t remembered what happened. And Eahten was gone. And than happened some things, but one thing I know: I and Eathen kiss and etc., and that was a big mistake… And than on the next week, we met, drunk, and do the same… 3 times? And than I told that to Summer. She became angry… And I saw, she was jealous. WTF? -.- So, I saw, how they hooked the third time… But I was angry too. Because Summer was angry only with me. With Eathen not! And that’s, why I met for all the time until that they hooked with Eathen. And I loved that, I was playing with them… Eathen wasn’t know is he wanting Summer for the third time, or not… And I said ones that thats good, ones that it’s not. And if I said to Summer, that Eathen loves her, she falled always a bit out of him.. And I did much little things. I was… pathetic. Than came the ski camp. I was a bit nervous, ’cause Summer wasn’t asking what’s up with me for a long time… And that is the essence of a friendship… But I don’t gave up. But there, we were drunk every day, and when I ones I was telling she what problems am I having… And I smoked a whole w**d next to she, and she don’t said anithing… I said in myself: that’s inaff. And than she cheated Eathen again, and she hooked with a boy.. Blöe. And we swooped with the drinking… And everybody thought, that I was the faulty for the whole thing… ‘Cause I opened the door for the teacher … That is a long story, maybe one I’m going to tell it. But not now. So, I was now very during myself… And I went to a psychologist. She is helping me much, I think. And now,

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